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ADLD Includes

ADLD & EW - Does Not Include

  • Theft, Lost or missing devices
  • Intentional damage or willful negligence
  • Cosmetic issues – Dents, scratches, fading
  • Accessories, chargers & adaptors
  • Battery issues in course of normal usage
  • Data loss / corruption in any way
  • Normal wear & tear
  • Headphones, memory cards, stylus.

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Importants Points Related To Claims

  • DV definition – The system values device at the start of the protection plan. Cannot be more than purchase invoice value.
  • Company at its discretion can replace with a refurbished device.
  • Total loss defination – When repair cost is more than 75% of the DV (Device Value)
  • Total loss (ADLD) : Deductible applicable – 45% for 0-180 Days and 60% for 181-365 Days of the DV (Device Value)
  • Total loss (EW) : Deductible applicable – 70% for 366 -548 Days and 80% 549-730 Days of the DV (Device Value)
  • Total loss : Accessories including box, headphones, charger, cable & original invoice need to submitted to the company.
  • In case any one item, more, or all are missing, appropriate deductions will apply, as deemed fit by the company.
  • Claims are settled within 21 working days after Device is received at the company hub, on a best effort basis.
  • Multiple claims during tenure
  • Extended Warranty – In case of damage to device, after one year from date of invoice – Extended warranty will continue only if the device is repaired by the brand authorized service center

Other Points

  • Company reserves the right to deny claim in case of 3rd party repair (except Brand authorized service center), tampering of any kind, root changes to the software or any fraudulent activity or false submission of information / documents.
  • In case of part /Unit unavailability with OEM, claim settlement time may increase.
  • The company alone will solely be responsible for all claims and not the reseller/retailer.