Terms & Conditions

Television & Appliances Damage Protection & Extended Warranty Plan

Amazing Features


Does Not Include

  • Theft, Lost or missing devices
  • Intentional damage or willful negligence
  • Cosmetic issues – Dents, scratches, fading, Discoloration
  • Liquid damage
  • Damage/malfunction with Cables, wires, adaptors, accessories, consumables, etc
  • Battery issues in course of normal usage
  • Data loss / corruption in any way
  • Normal wear & tear
  • Damage/malfunction due to Electricity surge/fluctuations

Super Simple Claim Process

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Importants Points Related To Claims

  • Replacement : In case of replacement, Chargers, cables, Replaced Machine/Device, original invoice need to submitted to the company.
  • Replacement: Customer has to pay the difference amount between the new product & the depreciated value of the old product.
  • In case any one item, more, or all are missing, appropriate deductions will apply, as deemed fit by the company.
  • Depreciation clause applicable for Extended warranty – 1st year – 25%, 2nd year – 50%, 3rd year – 75%. Balance to be refunded.
  • Depreciation clause applicable for Machines/Devices which are not repairable/functional spares not available with manufacturer.
  • Depreciation clause/Total Loss*applicable for Damage cover (1st year)*- 0-6 months – 25%, 6-12 months – 50%. Balance to be refunded.
  • Damage cover Depreciation/Total loss* policy – In case the Machine/Product is “Damaged beyond repair” OR cost of repair is >90%
    of the value of the Machine/Product, it will be deemed as a Total loss case.
  • Claim settlement – As per Brand Authorized service center policies & Spare part availability, on a best effort basis.
  • Claim settlement* – Responsibility of service provider of Protection plan & Extended Warranty & Brand.

Other Points

  • Company reserves the right to deny claim in case of 3rd party repair (except brand authorized service center), tampering of any kind.
  • In case of part /Unit unavailability with OEM/Brand, claim settlement time may increase.